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Aesthetica Botanica

A Life with Plants
Artikelnr.: 201987
Artikeltyp Titel
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Seiten 240 Seiten, zahlr. farb. Abb.
Format GEB 19,5 x 26 cm
Sprache englisch
Produktart Bücher
Verlag Gingko Press
AktVKPreisNettoManuell 37,29
AktVKPreisNettoUSDManuell 41,7
ISBN/ISSN 9781584236863
ISBN_MitManuell 978-1-58423-686-3
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Many have discovered the joys of living with indoor plants. They contribute not only to a healthier environment, but with proper styling, add a nice element to interior design schemes. For some living in more urban settings it is a matter of necessity, as home gardens are rare. For others living in more rural or suburban surroundings it is a matter of choice. Aesthetica Botanica visits the homes of artists, florists, gardeners and other plant enthusiasts who exemplify green living and are happy to share their stories and tips on caring for and decorating with plants. With handy chapters on green plants, cacti and succulents, and flowers, this book caters to any inclination providing practical information alongside stunning photographs.
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