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Architects' Homes

Artikelnr.: 136332
Autor/Hrsg. Patch, Bethany
Artikeltyp Titel
Herausgeber Patch, Bethany
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Seiten 224 Seiten, 250 farb. Abb., Pläne
Format Geb 26 x 26 cm
Sprache englisch
Produktart Bücher
Verlag Images Publishing
AktVKPreisNettoManuell 45,79
AktVKPreisNettoUSDManuell 51,3
ISBN/ISSN 9781864706086
ISBN_MitManuell 978-1-864706-08-6
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This stunning book takes a rare glimpse into the intriguing and unique homes of some of the world’s best-known architects.

How do these architects design their own private domains? How do the changing needs of their families influence the structural integrity of the spaces? How do these individuals express their interior design flair in their own haven? The book starts by introducing the relationship between the architect and their professional work, by showinghow that marries with their own private tastes, and how they interpret current trends and enable their own philosophiesto transfer to their personal, private environments. Combining rich photography and spectacular imagery with insight into the private architectural world of these industry professionals, this book provides a rich source for those keen to delve into the design aesthetics, concepts and innovations ofleaders in their very own field.
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