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Guide To De Stijl In The Netherlands

The 100 Best Spots To Visit
Artikelnr.: 137082
Autor/Hrsg. Groenendijk, Paul / Vollaard, Piet
Artikeltyp Titel
Autor(en) Groenendijk, Paul / Vollaard, Piet
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Seiten 128 Seiten, über 100 farb. Abb.
Format Kt 13 x 23 cm
Sprache englisch
Produktart Bücher
Verlag Nai Publisher
ISBN/ISSN 9789462083097
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Text engl.
Dutch art movement De Stijl, named after the eponymous magazine, has strongly influenced art and architecture at home and abroad. This guide is the first to assemble the 100 most important buildings, monuments, and places of interest related to De Stijl in a practical and accessible guide. Icons such as the Rietveld-Schröderhuis in Utrecht and Café De Unie in Rotterdam, less well-known stained-glass works of art, and many surprising facts, details, and practical information make this a useful guide for people that want to discover The Netherlands in primary colours.
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