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Identity Architects 

Identity Architects

Ippolito Fleitz Group

von Oliver Herwig

2017, Text engl., 376 Seiten, über 400 farb. Abb., Geb 24,5 x 28 cm, Frame
ISBN 978-94-92311-00-9


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Identity Architects
von Oliver Herwig

An exclusive look at the inner-workings of Ippolito Fleitz Group, the world-renowned studio led by Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz.

Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz are the ‘Identity Architects’ mentioned in the title of this book – founders of Ippolito Fleitz Group and creators of thousands of inspiring design projects across the globe. Detailed in this monograph is a profound overview of the Stuttgart-based designers, showcasing the various creative fields in which the studio operates, which include numerous sectors of interior design to product and furniture design, as well as branding and communications.
The approach that is typical for the IFG’s way of working is a very individual one, reacting in a highly creative way to the given architectural spaces and their functions. The result is not a trademark style, but a process of precisely building or strengthening a brand by way of visualising and transforming the client’s identity using colour and light, as well as classic and new materials in innovative and surprising way. Designs tinged with humour also evidence a sense of tradition in the decorative elements used, sparking memories and emotions in the people who enter the rooms and buildings that have been designed by the studio. The book focuses on award-winning projects and gives an in-depth look at each sector, demonstrating the studio’s strengths and inspirational vision. By explaining the design processes for creating interior architecture, it is a vital book for anyone in the design industry, from interior designer to manufacturer, and from architect to space designer, as well as students, agencies and professionals in the whole design sector.

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