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Architectural Guide Chisinau

Artikelnr.: 213381
Autor/Hrsg. Rusu, Stefan
Artikeltyp Titel
Autor(en) Rusu, Stefan
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Seiten 288 Seiten, mit 400 Abb.
Format KT 13,5 x 24,5 cm
Sprache englisch
Produktart Bücher
Verlag DOM Publishers
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ISBN/ISSN 9783869225487
ISBN_MitManuell 978-3-86922-548-7
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Chisinau, today the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova, has undergone tumultuous changes under the successive political regimes that marked the twentieth century. Once part of the territory seized by the Russian Empire, it was integrated into the Romanian Kingdom during the interwar period, before being annexed by the USSR, like all of Bessarabia, and radically transformed into a socialist city.
This guide focuses on the latter period. The distinct urbanistic and architectural tendencies after the Second World War are reflected in the five segments of the book: the Stalinist Empire, Soviet Modernism, Postmodernism, Soviet Brutalism, and the Industrial City. Each reflects the essential Soviet mandate to build not only a new city, but also a new society.
In addition to photographic documentation and critical analysis of socialist architecture, the guide also includes essays on Chisinau’s development between 1945 and 1989, devoted among other things to the city’s cinemas and life in ‘microraions’.
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