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Urban Wild Ecology

Fuminori Nousaku + Mio Tsuneyama
Artikelnr.: 215889
Autor/Hrsg. Tsuneyama, Mio / Nousaku, Fuminori
Artikeltyp Titel
Autor(en) Tsuneyama, Mio / Nousaku, Fuminori
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Seiten 204 Seiten, mit zahlr. Farb- u. s/w-Abb.
Format KT 19 x 27 cm
Sprache englisch / japanisch
Produktart Bücher
Verlag TOTO Publishing
AktVKPreisNettoManuell 35,51
AktVKPreisNettoUSDManuell 39,7
ISBN/ISSN 9784887064072
ISBN_MitManuell 9784887064072
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Following the calamitous events of 2011 in Japan, Fuminori Nousaku and Mio Tsuneyama began to look at the link between materials and energy related to daily life, such as household goods, homes, food, and waste. They sought ways to reinvent how we live, from dependence on infrastructure and industry to another relationship: off-grid homes that generate solar power, gardens that harness the power of microbes in the soil, shared homes in vacant buildings, and construction using discarded materials. The wildness that survives the city enjoys fluctuation and overcomes inconvenience. This book introduces the collectives involved in these activities along with practices and resources.
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